Sunday, October 25

Stuff I Want for My Birthday... a fantasy land where money grows on trees and people care and love me enough to buy me all the silly things I dream of...

A trumpet. I'm gonna learn to play.

The Walking Dead Vol. 1 Issue 1.

All 18 volumes of TokyoPop's now out-of-print translated Sailor Moon manga books.

Choco chip scones, bitch.

Ashi Dashi socks. I like these and the whales. On the real, just cute, cool socks in general would be good. I need socks and I would like them to be adorable/unprofessional/childish.

Rock tumbler. I got a lot of rocks that need tumbled.

This hideous thing.

Bullshit that's been covered in sequins.

I would finally like to get a Led Zeppelin shirt. I know everyone has this one, but I like it because it suits my personal aesthetic. That is, boring.

Other dumb stuff I want:
Glass water bottles.
Jewel-tone tights.

A cool umbrella.

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