Tuesday, October 13

This is a picture of me when I was a 12 year old boy.

When I was younger, I think in middle school, someone expressed to me that they would like to be able to see all the things that I thought about. Something along the lines of, "What goes on i your head? I wish I could see." I don't know what I said then, but if it happened to me now I would say, "It's not safe for you there," really ominously.

This didn't happen to me, I wasn't there, but it's one of my favorite stories.

Mike and his boyfriend Matt were sitting at a bar one night enjoying a nice, low-key beer. The bar wasn't busy but the Miller Lite girls were there for some reason. They were peddling t-shirts that said "____________ Matters" and then something about Miller Lite. Or High Life. I really have no idea. But they would ask you what mattered to you and then write it in the blank and you got to keep the shirt. They came up to Mike and offered him a shirt, but he couldn't think of anything that mattered. Luckily, there was a very drunk, opinionated man at the end of the bar and he chimed in with, "THE ENVIRONMENT." And Mike agreed that the environment mattered, so he told the girl to write it on the shirt, but as she was writing the drunk guy decided to change his answer and shouted, "BIG TITTIES." Here is the only known photo of the shirt. I think Mike spilled Jagermeister on it that night.

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I'm working on some projects and had an idea for a flash fiction piece to be posted here. But that's it.

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I wish I could find that shirt.