Tuesday, December 1

I gave into my retail therapy needs (this is really just an excuse for a sad girl to go shopping, isn't it?) and bought a few things. I didn't go over $50 and it's still Cyber Monday (lamest title for anything ever) so I got free shipping, so I wasn't awful or anything. I was considering a tattoo ("Carte Blanche" or "This Too Shall Pass" in Hebrew) so I think this is honestly a lot more sane, and cheaper.

I'm sick of having only black outerwear. Plus I'm moving to the ocean (kind of) so I need to start dressing like a fisherman. I don't know. Yellow is cheery, too.

You know. Red shoes. Boys like red shoes. You know...

This is legitimately an insane purchase. This is the second stupidest shirt in the world (I almost bought the first stupidest shirt in the world, too, but wussed out because I was certain I wouldn't wear it. I love the print, but the cut is so wrong.) and it's terrible but it cheers me up and will look sweet with my white jeans.

It's too rare that I find jewelry that I actually like, and I love this. It's a bracelet. Shame it will probably snap off of my wrist in a month or so. It's so perfectly boring and masculine and me.

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Mikey said...

Agreed, That cut on the 2nd worst shirt looks really weird. I hope it fits okay.