Friday, December 11

I thought it would be sweet and fun and, if nothing else, a nice distraction to make holiday cards for distant friends. My intention was to make them all funny, sweet, nondenominational and nontraditional, but I guess as I've been getting sort of depressed and full of doom, that translated into my card-making. Whatever, art is therapy and I like them all well enough.
I didn't want to post these because I didn't want said friends to see them before they got their cards in the mail, but there's really no telling what card is going to who, so try guessing, friend!

The birth of Christ is a great reason to fuck.

This was the only card I made that was sweet and totally nice. I think it's really cute.

The silver made this hard to photograph. It says "Aren't you Jewish? Oh well. Happy Christmas Anyway!" Also one of the cuter ones.

I assure you, this is a Christmas/Holiday card. I'm just a jack ass.

In a craft swap I got these weird green beaded sequin flowers and had no idea what to do with them. I decided that green would look terrible on pink and purple, and voi la, a fug card.

When things started getting bad. Says "BEER. It rhymes with cheer."

"Who gives a shit about trees?"

"Burn Christmas to the ground."

This is the last one I made and my most favorite. Soft pink, peach, green trees, ribbon, really cute and pretty. The back says "I don't give a fuck about Christmas."

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Sara said...

love the cards! they really do capture the true meaning of christmas! Happy Holidays