Monday, December 14

An Inconvenient Cupcake

I'm realizing that I eat a lot of shit that I don't actually like. Sweets, cookies, anything with frosting, Chinese food, crappy Italian fare. I don't know why I'm always so chill about eating garbage that isn't good for me when I don't even particularly enjoy it. Sure, every now and again I will legitimately crave a brownie or something sweet, but that's like once a month, tops.
So, this is my proclamation: Fuck your cupcakes. That shit is gross. And I'm going to stop eating things I don't really like or enjoy, too. That's a sure way to get sick and fat and cancer probably, too, so I may as well just stop now. My same shopping rules now apply to meals: If I don't love it, then I won't buy it/eat it.
I do really like baking, though, so if anyone else would like for me to fatten them up (dads excluded) then you're welcome to stop by and hang out while I whip up something I hate.

Food! It's complicated.


Sara said...

Did you do the water colour image? If so I love it, if not... well I still love it.

Rhiannon Admidas said...

Yes, it's water "colours." (You Canadians are so cute with your extra vowels!) Most, like 98%, are done in water color. I want to try other stuff but I feel really comfortable with watercolor paint and all other paints are like, weird foreign things to me that I suck at.

Kelly said...

Completely agree with you, I hate sweets, prefer salty stuff and have been thinking of becoming vegetarian as of late.
Im concerned though and worry that I think about food too much.
I also need to quit smoking. BAH. And Im out.