Tuesday, December 29


I've got fan mail on the brain. One, because I just wrote a fan letter. Two, because I have been obsessed with this spoken word CD I randomly downloaded of some dude reading real, genuine letters written to porn stars. Here is a chronological list of fan letters I've written.

1. When I was in 4th or 5th grade I wrote a letter to Hanson. I wrote it on Mario stationary that I was so proud of. The first time I sent it, it came back to my house because I mixed up the addresses.

2. In high school I wrote a letter to Chuck Palahniuk. He was my favorite writer at the time and I'd heard he would write back to fans and would send them wacky things like rubber chickens and whatever he had too much of. He didn't write back and I was sort of heartbroken, and now he is definitely not one of my favorite writers at all.

3. In college I'd read several articles in Glamour about abortion in the Dakotas and purity balls and ex-gays and I noticed they were all written by the same woman: Jennifer Baumgardner. At some point I found out that she grew up in Fargo and I found her e-mail and sent her a letter. I told her a little about myself but was more interested in her career as a freelance journalist so I asked about that. She wrote me back a very nice, long letter.

4. When I worked at UND's newspaper, we got a copy of a book of short stories by a man named Patrick Somerville. It was called Trouble. I read it and loved it, and for some reason or another felt like I should contact him and let him know. I found his e-mail address and I wrote him, very simply, "I think you're a good writer." And he wrote back, "I think you're a good letter writer." And that was it.

5. I've been feeling very deeply disturbed and sad by the last several (about 20) issues of The Walking Dead. I was nearly ready to stop reading because everything was getting so depressing and it just felt like the story wasn't going anywhere because the characters weren't and everything about the comic had lost hope, which was so appealing about it in the first place. The last two issues completely turned that around and I had to write to Robert Kirkman to let him know how much I loved him again.

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