Wednesday, December 2

A real post!

Stuff I was wearing. I made this before we left for North Dakota three weeks ago. Look, "To bring Josh [home made] banh mi @ work." I was such a good girlfriend. There's a million fine-looking women in the world, dude, but they don't all bring you banh mi at work. Should have put a sheet of paper between the pages before scanning. Oh well.

What I wore today. I forgot to date it! Oh well, it's a terrible drawing and I'm a terrible person. And I stand by my looking like a sad baby grandpa in mascara. I'm going to be single forever.

Cute weird girl in a weird outfit with an afro. I really just wanted to draw an afro. I love natural hair on black girls.
I need to stop fooling around with colored pencils and just start painting all of my doodles. I think it would be a real step up, but I hate the idea of doodling on expensive paper. I need a cheap watercolor sketchbook to fuck around in.

Other creative endeavors I'm currently working on:
-Holiday greeting cards! I've finished two. I think I'll do 8-10 total and just send them out to whoever. I have a definite list of people who I really want to send them to, but it's small.
-A short comic about my mom and my feet.
-Knitting, still. I used to knit and watch BSG but now I make cards and watch BSG, so clearly that shit is on a back burner.
-Making squids! I bought 4 nice, beautiful colors and need to start working on them but I'm sort of wrapped up in card making, work, sleeping, etc.

I'm also trying to get some stuff into my Etsy. This weekend I'm going to get some scarves and wearables up and maybe some new prints, but my printing situation has been thrown for a loop so I'm trying to work out the details there. I'm also thinking about doing another zine, one that's more cohesive than just doodles and randomness. We'll see. I've got a lot on my plate as is.

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