Sunday, December 20

Things I Love Right Now: Boys

Illustrators and artsy web-girls love to draw and paint other girls. I think it's not so much the girls, you know, it's not a Vargas thing where they just love women and the female body, but they just think it's fun to draw and color a cute dress and a pretty hairstyle more than anything. Which is fine, but I like a cute boy just as much as I like a pretty dress.

This is by Caitlin Shearer who does amazing things with paint and sometimes glitter, too. She makes so many wonderful illustrations of pretty girls, but I'd love to see more boys like this one. Her Flickr.

Audrey Malo also makes lots of really lovely drawings of girls, too. She posted this to her blog recently and I thought it was so sweet. I told her how much I liked that she was doing boys and she said she was looking to do some different things. I hope that means more dudes. Her Flickr.

Audrey Kawasaki has a million beautiful, ethereal paintings of these sexy, open-mouthed beautiful girls. And they're lovely, really lovely, but for every two dozen girls it seems there's only one sexy, open-mouthed boy. I do love that handful, though.

This is my all-time favorite cute boy painting, Cupid and Psyche by Jacque Louis David. It's such a beautiful painting based on a really beautiful love story. Plus, the grin on his face just kills me.

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