Thursday, January 7

Been doing quite a bit of shopping. In addition to a new skirt, a new sweater, a new purse and a couple pairs of jeans, I've also bought the following items. In addition to all of that, I've also bought some new under things and such, but I'm not going to post pictures of those. You gotta buy me dinner if you want to see that stuff.

I got this in white. It's oversized, sort of dress-like.

This is also super over-sized. I got it in this grey and navy.

This has ruffles on the back, super cute. Plus I look great in coral.

Got this in red, black and white. Cute!

Got this in white, grey and navy.

I'm also going to get these two pairs of shoes in a few weeks and maybe some socks, if I feel like it, but then that's it. I want to wear the brown ones with this white and navy striped tee I have and the red skirt that's above. Eee!

I have a $19 gift card at PayLess so maybe I'll find some new sandals for the summer or something (My Palladiums are still perfect, though..) but I'm absolutely not shopping for clothes any more at all until Fall. I have plenty of shorts and skirts and tees and tanks to get me through the Spring and Summer and I've stocked up in the shitty jeans I always buy so I've got plenty of life in those until then. I'm done. Please don't let me spend any more money on clothes. Thanks.

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