Wednesday, January 13


Rhiannon's usual evening.

The other night I was working with some clay. I prefer Studio Sculpey but have a block of white Sculpey II that I use for suckers and eyes and things. It's really hard to get it pliable so I tucked a little chunk of it in my bra to warm it up. I thought to myself, "I can't get distracted and forget about this in here. I know I probably will, but I'm going to try my best to remember." I didn't forget that piece and removed it later, but at some point in the evening put another piece in my bra and sure enough I forgot about it and it startled me later that night when I was getting ready for bed.

Here is the last squid I made. They look a bit more like cuttlefish so I might go with that. Anyway, he's totally fucked up. He's burnt (which you can see a little; it's the yellowy spots) and I melted part of a paper clip into his head in the back where the hanger part is supposed to be. I also am a total moron and not only forgot the 8th hole but forgot to put a hole in the 8th leg even. I guess he was destined to be a 7-legged squid. He looks fine from the front but I don't think is sellable so I'm giving him to a friend. I've got more clay anyway.

And this is a teeny pink sperm whale I made and painted pink. This is like a visual dick joke, I think, and also really cool. I sort of want to carry it around in my pocket all the time to show new friends.

This is the first knitting project I finished and felt really psyched about! It's just a turquoise boring chunky scarf that I sewed together to make it ~eternal, but it's sooo cozy and soft and stretchy and I adore it and wear it all the time. Well not lately, it's been too warm, but I was wearing it a lot in December when it was cold.

Okay, so the other night I had a vision: knitted jewelry. Like, super long chains of knitted yarn to make something that more resembles a necklace than a scarf, but is still cozy and warm. I gave it a go and I think it looks neat but I might be insane. I really like the idea of a knitted bangle but would people be into this? Would people buy these? I'd probably do the bangles for $2 a piece and the necklaces for like...$8-$15 depending on the length. I think these would be really pretty in jewel tones. Is this a stupid idea? I can't tell.

An in-progress octopus. Those are my clay tools: a bent paper clip and a bent bobby pin. I'm like a crafty MacGyver.

And in-progress painting. Felt a little inspired to pick up some acrylic and finish my squid and whale painting but decided to finally use this 8x11 canvas I have for something. As of right now, I hate this piece. We'll see what happens when I'm done. At the very least I can finish it and give it away and someone I love will love it just because I made it and I won't ever have to look at it again.

What-I-Wore-Today drawing for New Year's Day. I was really sick that whole week but was excited to wear my new jeans and tank top and hand-made scarf so I got dolled up to go to harmony's for traditional Korean New Year's Day lunch of tteokguk. I ate a lot of it, I love those little rice cake things.

I watched Batman Returns and had a Titanic moment concerning the Penguin. "I must draw you..." It was like, whatever. And then I drew some sexy cool Batwoman. I haven't really been doing a lot of drawing or painting lately, clearly, but I felt this idiocy needed to be shown off. I haven't drawn fan art since my Sailor Moon days.

My family and I went out for used-book shopping and sushi the other week. I was primarily looking for school books but stumbled upon this. It's an uncorrected advance proof of "Light Can Be Both Wave and Particle" by Ellen Gilchrist from 1989. I love rare, weird, old versions of books and was too excited not to buy this. It was printed so that magazines and newspapers could review it before it came out. Here is the cover that was added later. If I ever meet Ellen Gilchrist this is what I'm going to have her sign.

In other book news, I also found a 1965 version of "Ariel" by Sylvia Plath. That's a first edition, but it's weird because it doesn't have the red and blue cover you always see. Maybe because it's a paperback? I'm not sure.

I've been reading a lot, too. I just finished "The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson and it was very, very spooky. She adds these moments in the story, like one paragraph, suddenly, where something very eerie and terrible happens or someone says something or there's a sudden understanding that something is wrong and then just as quickly and suddenly as it came, it's gone with no resolution or understanding. There were so many times where I had to reread something and try to comprehend it but all it was was this simple and very scary moment that made me start to feel a little sweaty and nervous. She's also brilliant at writing dialogue. Highly recommend it if you're looking for something spooky.

I also finished "Ariel" by Sylvia Plath and "Rhoda: A Life in Stories" by Ellen Gilchrist. I'm working on "Nine Horses" by Billy Collins, "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" by Charles Bukowski and my next novel will be "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott. In honor of Valentine's Day coming up, as soon as I'm finished with those I'm going to read the letters of Abelard and Heloise and a book of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Other news: I start school next week which I am excited about, and I got hired at my school's newspaper as a reporter, which I'm not as excited about but ah well, it's great resume fodder and maybe I can meet some people I like finally.

It's been a while since I had a legit blog post like this, but I feel like my heart is less broken now and I'm finally and legitimately moving on. My days aren't filled with obsessing over him and what happened and why, and in fact I've been thinking about him very little. Which is great. Today I smelled her perfume and didn't feel full with rage or hatred. Just a little annoyed that I had been reminded of him and her and everything that's happened. I'm a little lonely, but above all things I am a happy girl and I plan to start making quality posts that aren't about ex-boyfriends or feeling sad anymore.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Oh! Right! One more thing. The red squid I made last month was featured as one of's Best of 2009! So exciting! It always warms my belly a little when people tell me they enjoy the wacky, silly, dumb crap I've made.

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