Friday, January 22

I have seriously been updating blogs and forums and etsy for the last 3-4 hours. Uffffff.

Anyway, I updated my etsy with new things! Look at it!

In other news, I started school this week. I'm taking 18 credits and wanted to show you exactly what that meant, so here is my planner one day before starting classes:

And the same page from today after 4 days of classes:

And it's only going to get crazier. So updates might be pretty slim here. And I also might kill myself.

And in honor of my back to school awesomeness, here is what I've worn to school every day this week. LOL.

Bought some more clay. Red, blue, green and black.

Made some octopies. THEY ARE FOR SALE.

And this green mess is going to be a scarf some day. See all those books stacked up there? That's my homework for the weekend. :/

And just because it was sort of beautiful, this is what the mountain in my backyard looked like today. But before you go, I updated my other blog with a poem. And it's not about sex.

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