Sunday, January 17

I love that my scanner takes it upon itself to crop my images for me. Ughck. Oh well, this was just something silly I thought about and wanted to paint. I call it "Hobbies."

I had this idea to paint a French bulldog wearing a bow tie several months ago. The sketch came out pretty well but as soon as I started painting I remembered my ability to create animals was limited to drawings only. I can never get them too look right painted. I started to give up then remembered I had a similar problem in high school. I was painting a door way for weeks in art class, it was huge and my final project and one day as I was nearing completion my teacher came over and said something like, "Maybe watercolor just isn't for you. Maybe you should start over and pick a different project." I was so mad and grabbed a bunch of colored pencils and wrote all over it. A few weeks later she had entered it in a regional art contest without my knowing and I won first prize. The lesson here is this: If it sucks, just fuck it up. I actually really liked the way this turned out.

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