Saturday, January 9

I started making another squid, but the clay is really soft for some reason and I'm having a hard time controlling it. I think maybe my house is too hot. IDK.

Disregard my disgusting bathroom. I bought a glittery cropped t-shirt today. I've been nervous because if I ever want to go to a Har Mar Superstar concert I won't have anything fun to wear. That's changed.

In other news, I can't watch Battlestar Galactica anymore because my favorite character keeps getting cheated on by her husband. I've done my share of cheating, but after being cheated on it's like.. almost unbearable to watch. There are all of these popular culture moments where two characters have an adulterous affair and it's supposed to be romantic and passionate but it just pisses me the fuck off. I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer to ease the pain, and Hulu has season 2 of Arrested Development now, so ace.

Legit update soon. I've been making some drawings and I have a whole week off of everything so I'm going to make some shit.

Also, I found a KISS record the other day. Isn't that cool? It was $2. It's the one that has "Calling Dr. Love" on it, which is in my top three KISS songs. These are the other two in the top three:

I also love "Strutter" and "Christine Sixteen" and "Beth." Knights in Satan's Service.



Anonymous said...

I like all the white flecks in the bathroom mirror photo of yourself. They make it look like a real life old photograph. But really, it's probably just toothpaste.


Lynsey said...

Believe it or not, KISS was my first concert in 6th grade. My dad and I went alone. I wore my blue Nike shirt because I thought that was really cool back then.