Sunday, January 31

I was just in the basement doing laundry. I was hanging things up and was looking at a pair of my 13 year-old sister's jeans and thought, "Those look like they'd fit me..." So, out of curiosity, I tried them on. And they were tight and muffin-toppy, but if I wanted to I could have worn them comfortably out of the house. Size fucking zero.
Operation Plus Five Pounds starts tomorrow. I'm going to drink a lot of milk and eat at least one Nutella + peanut butter sandwich a day. I'm sick of looking frail and having tiny boobies. This is bullshit.

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Cassandra said...

About a year ago I was getting really unhealthy and losing weight, and I made it a point to have a giant smoothie every day consisting of rice or soy milk, a banana, frozen mixed berries, and a GIANT scoop of peanut butter (and sometimes a bit of avocado). Also if you add some spinach, it's tasteless and good for you!