Tuesday, January 26

This post is about hair. I wish I had a 1/3 of the volume and curls and flowiness these ungrateful boys have. Specifically here, Dave Mustaine. Dude has the most glorious, flowing locks and the prettiest strawberry blond. Do you think he even cares? I'm so jealous. Look at my hair. It's so straight and flat. I don't do that on purpose, THATS JUST HOW IT IS. I look like Cher. How was my mother black with curly hair? Even my dad doesn't have hair like this. It's not fair.

I've always felt like dudes get blessed with physical attributes women would much rather see in themselves. Like thin, delicate ankles. It seems rare to see that on a woman but dudes always have these dainty, feminine ankles. And long eyelashes. So many dudes have thick, full, long eyelashes. What is that? Who does that?

Anyway, here are some photos of glorious hairs that I'm jealous of.

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