Friday, February 12

"Bonzo's Montreux"

Robert: "Look, Bonzo and I have been talking. He wants to do this drum thing for the album."
Jimmy: "Well why can't he talk to me about it?"
Robert: "He thought you'd say no and that if I brought it up you'd be more inclined to oblige."
Jimmy: "Wait, what 'drum thing'? What is that?"
Robert: "I don't know like..some..drum soloing I guess."
Jimmy: "That sounds just awful."
Robert: "Well he says you always get to do your guitar shite and I guess he had a point.."
Jimmy: "I'm sorry, what did you just say?"
Robert: "Okay, calm down. You know what I meant. Anyway, I say we let him do it. He's been feeling very left out of the creative process and just wants to contribute to the album."
Jimmy: "Left out? He's the drummer, for God's sake. He plays on every song. Jonesy can't even say that."
Robert: "Look, let's just let him record his drum thing and maybe he'll let it alone."
Jimmy: "Fine. But it's not going on this record. I won't stand for it. A b-sides compilation, maybe, but that's it."

I've been drinking.

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