Sunday, February 28

I did something really embarrassing tonight. Truly one for the history books, and I feel confident that a lot of people saw what an embarrassing thing I did. Problem is, nobody is making fun of me for it and I'm having a hard time brushing my shoulders off.

A few years ago I started seeing this guy. The second night I spent the night with him, literally hours within us consummating our relationship, I got my period in his bed. He was really, really sweet about it, said it was no big deal, tossed his sheets in the washer, lent me a pair of boxers for my drive home, totally kind and amazing about the whole thing. He was a funny guy, though, and out of courtesy for me he wasn't being funny about it, and it was weirding me out.
As he walked me to my car I turned to him and said, "Can you please make a joke?" I think he said something about me owing him new sheets. I chuckled and felt instantly better, drove home, probably saw him again the very next day and every day after that for a long time.

If I'm not laughing at myself, I'm not feeling good about myself, and that's the bottom line.

Bottom, get it?

Okay, now I can do it.

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Kelly said...

I wish that it wasn't edited. I like to hear Jay-Z swear