Sunday, February 21

I just need to lament for a minute before I get back to being a good student.

I am writing an essay. I was using Dark Room because I have a very, very hard time staying focused and I really want this to be a good essay. I got a pretty good introduction and thesis statement down and was just getting into my analysis but wanted to see how many pages I had written. So I CTRL:X to paste it into Word Pad, but it's gone. And Dark Room has closed. And my essay isn't in my clipboard anymore. And I hate my fucking life.

I miss living in Grand Forks because of Urban Stampede. Like, it wasn't awesome, it wasn't the bomb diggity, I stopped liking to legitimately hang out there after high school, but there was some kind of magic in that place that made it so I could go in with the intent of just hammering out a 5 pager and I would come out with 11 pages of pure gold and would get an 'A' on that shit. EVERY TIME. I don't know what it was but it just seemed to be the most perfect place to write. I don't know where that place is here. It isn't my bedroom, though. And it isn't the coffee shop up the street, that place creeps me out.

Okay, going to try this again. I don't need it to be great tonight. I just need it to be 5 pages and decent. We'll make it great tomorrow, and take it in to the writing lab on Tuesday for fine tuning. I love you. God speed.

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