Saturday, February 13

On my 18th birthday I got drunk with a lot of friends and my first boyfriend, which was very exciting to me, spending a birthday with a boyfriend for the very first time. We decided to walk to the porn shop because I was finally allowed to go in and took off for a little walk into downtown, following train tracks that passed a police station and a coffee shop.
I was looking at a wall of dildos with girl I had just become friends with and she asked me, "Which one is your boyfriend?" You could smoke in the shop and we were smoking. I showed her a dildo that was similar in size to my boyfriend's penis and she was impressed, then she showed me one that she said was similar in size to her boyfriend's penis and I didn't believe her. I still don't.
We walked back to the house without buying anything (but quite a bit was stolen), again along the train tracks. There was a train and we walked right next to it for a long time and it felt like there was an animal near us, surreal and huge and totally impartial to our presence.

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