Thursday, February 25

Plotting my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Replotting.

I just bought 3 nice, solid, basic pastel dresses and a pair of black and tan wedges. I'd like a pale denim shirt and a pair of brown flat oxfords. Hand to God, after that, I'm done. ETA: Not done, I need a new pair of black jeans. My trusty 2 year old F21 pair finally kicked the bucket with a big hole in the snatch.

I hate dress shopping/buying because I'm tall and have a waist and breasts. Like, I am honest to God shaped like a woman, and that embarrasses me. Which is ridiculous, but it's true. I love my body and I love being naked and what I look like naked, but I like to enjoy and show off my body privately or with one special other person. Or sometimes if I'm drunk with some friends.
All of this stems from how society looks at a woman who flaunts or even embraces her body, and it's not fair. It's fucking insane, actually, I mean, a woman can't really help how she looks in clothes and if she's got big breasts and a little waist and that looks sexy in a dress she shouldn't have to cover it up just because it makes conservative patriarch-embracing squares uncomfortable.
This is going to be the Spring/Summer of T&A. I'm just going to own it. You should, too.

Went to the thrift store today and bought some guy's gross old Army shirt and:

The Upanishads
As I Lay Dying
Early Poems of W.B. Yeats
Great Love Poems
The Song of Roland
The Awakening
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Notes of a White Black Woman

Half of these books are in my Nortons and Riversides but those are so bulky and it's nice to have slim, portable, sweet volumes of books you love.

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