Thursday, March 11

I decided to take a look into the Linguistics program at CU as a possibility for my next educational move. I always really like the linguistic aspects of studying English and took an introductory course in linguistics once and loved it. It seems like a natural place for me to seek a second Bachelor's degree. I'm going to go to the book store today and see if there are any Linguistics for Dummies type books so I know what I'm getting myself into. Someone has already said it's a really difficult field, and I might be biting off more than I can chew.

But I like the idea of it, for now. I like the idea of studying phonology with a cute boy (who speaks 8 languages (3 fluently) and is painfully uncool but absolutely brilliant) and vellum, glottis, dorsum, coronal, ...labial...kiss. And for the first time ever I'll be attracted to a man whose purse I'll expect to hold (instead of visa versa, although he'll hold my purse from time to time, too) and over the years, many years, in a house that is more library than home and too busy with dogs and cats and plants and tea kettles, I'll pick up several languages because he is often scowling and cursing at me in them. And I'll say, "You can be mad but be mad in English. This is America." And he'll get even angrier. There will be tumult but we'll like it. Genius can be very hard on a person and bickering will be our release. Bickering and dog-walking and Mad Libs. "You can't use Polish words! I already said not to use Polish words!"

Or I'll just end up alone in Arkansas, teaching Intro to Grammar and Intro to Creative Writing and Intro to Linguistics to bored faces who will never, ever wonder what I used to be like when I was young and hopeful.

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