Tuesday, March 2

More unfunny jokes.

My friend Jerik posted "I already told you I couldn't afford the ring, Beyonce!" on his Twitter and I needed to draw it. Any excuse to make another Beyonce comic, I think. Jerik is super-deformed and Beyonce doesn't look like Beyonce, but I threw in my own Beyonce joke so I think it's a hit. Here are some links that will direct you to more Jerik-isms, he's got like 30 sites though so I don't even know what to post. He's pretty funny though, you should look at him.

This was inspired by a real penis! But I know it's not a compliment to tell a man his penis looks like it's going to wreck your vagina, so I kept my thoughts to myself. As best I could, anyway. I think this is hilarious, am I wrong? I think I'm wrong.

We got a lot of vagina talk going on lately. Should I make a vagina tag?

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