Tuesday, May 18

I finished my semester, but instead of actual summer break I'm taking classes. I should have more time to do indulge in my favorite old lady activities like reading and embroidering things, so I'm looking forward to it. I even picked out all my Summer reading books. Some of them are books I didn't finish during the semester but liked and wanted to finish and some are books I started last summer and didn't finish.

Hell House - Richard Matheson
The Odyssey - Homer
As I Lay Dying - William Faulkner
Joy in the Morning - Betty Smith
We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson
The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame
The Martian Chronicles - Ray Bradbury
Parsival or A Knight's Tale - Richard Monaco
Beloved - Toni Morrison

Anyway, here's some crap I've been making.

I saw some Miu Miu inspired flats at the mall and loved them. They were like $100 though and I'm too clever with a glue gun to purchase anything I can fucking make, so I spent $15 on supplies and made my own pair with some old old old ballet flats that I wouldn't have cried over if they got ruined. I don't think they got ruined. They're definitely tacky, but I also almost bought an American flag bikini this week so clearly tacky is right up my alley. As an aside, I have a brand new glue gun and a ton of sparkly jewels and am aching to glue some more shit. But to what?

A gal asked me to paint her cats. The other cat I did (See: Cat tag) was hers as well. Unfortunately I can not find her e-mail and have been unsuccessful in tracking her down so I can actually give her her pet portraits. Eesh. She'll turn up, though, and these are really fun to make. Another gal asked me to do her dog, which I may start tonight. I guess this is something I'm doing now so..if you want your dog or cat portraited in this style for a measely $25, get in touch.

I'm pretty into making snazzy sandwiches lately. This is grilled mozzarella with banh mi guts (carrots, parsley, red pepper, jalapeno and cucumber with soy sauce) and avocado. The parsley wasn't that great but over all it was good.

This was grilled pepperjack with roasted red bell peppers, roma tomatoes and summer greens. I wanted it to be spicier so next time I might straight up throw some jalapeno in there or spice the red bell peppers with something. But it was very good. I had left over peppers so tomorrow I'm going to make a cold one with peppers, cream cheese, sun dried tomatoes and summer greens.

Here's a picture of me when I was 17. Six years ago, for those keeping track.

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