Wednesday, May 12

In-class Doodles

My Spring 2010 semester has come to a close and that means I just spent like 2 hours going through all of the papers, notes, and handouts I've accumulated over the last 5 months. I threw most of it into the recycling but decided to scan a few of my favorite in-class doodles and share them with you. Further proof that I'm sort of an idiot? I think so...

"Creeping: Animals, Babies, Snakes"

"She is a Civil War vet. Or a former bomb squad cop. Now she's a bikini model."


This page contains some information about the Harlem Renaissance as well as some ideas I was rolling around concerning the impending war against the robots.
There is also a little note I wrote about an annoying girl.

Oscar Wao

"This pagan viking is a brick fucking wall. And he looks scary but he's sort of nice."

"Please always be careful near volcanoes."

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