Monday, July 12

From my old journal. I was 16 when I wrote this. It is still one of my favorite memories.


these people came in when i was working yesterday. they had sweet little kids, two girls, a boy and a baby. some rotten little kids fucked up the play place and pulled the mats out of it and rode down them on the slide. i hate when they do that because it means i have to crawl up in there where its hot and sticky and smelly and full of little kids germs and put the mats back where they belong where i don't know where they belong.

but these sweet little kids, this little boy and two girls, they put them back for me. i told them they were awesome and then went out to sweep the dining room.

later on, their mom was gooing and making faces at the baby. going GAGAGAGAGAGA and being generally obnoxious. the little boy took a bite of his burger and said, "If I was a baby, I'd be scared!"

the little girl chimed in, "If I was a baby, I'd let EVERYONE hold me."

the little boy was such a smart ass and he was only 8 (i heard him say he was.) he looked at her and said, "Even strangers?"

she contemplated this for a minute. that golden rule; never talk to strangers.


and it was perfect. the most profound, amazing conversation i've ever witnessed.

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