Sunday, July 25

I used to be in a relationship with someone that sucked so much, whenever he actually managed to put his ego aside for five minutes to apologize for anything it was such a monumental event that I would write it down in my planner.

For the first time in my life I've managed to build a kind of happiness that doesn't hinge on other people. I'm not concerned about spending weekends alone or having friends or not having friends. I look like however I feel like looking every day, and do whatever I want and I like myself, and it doesn't seem fair that despite all of that something insignificant and catty can still wreck my mood. I fantasize about what my life would be like with a handful of people I know no longer in it and how nice and simple and easy everything would be just by not knowing them.

Anyway, I've been making a lot of really neat things but I can't post them yet because they're presents. They will get off to their new owners by mid-August so I will put them all up then. I'm really excited about everything I've been making lately. Also, only 4 weeks until my second-to-last semester of undergrad! I'll be a college senior in 2 weeks! A lot of days it never seemed like I would get to this point, to being able to actually see the end, but here it is. I think the best part is that, yeah, maybe I'm graduating at 24 which wasn't the plan, but I'm still graduating in 10 semesters/5 years, and a lot of people end up being 5th year seniors, so I don't feel like I've fucked off too much.

In other news, no, there is no other news.

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