Thursday, July 8

On January 5th of this year, right here in this blog, I wrote the following:

I want to be in love, and I miss being in love. I love being in love, and I want to be married some day to someone who loves me and fucks me and gets me and reads to me and makes things for me and cleans up after himself and loves animals and children.

But I'm not looking for that right now. I'm not out looking for a husband, I'm not working
toward the ultimate goal of love and marriage and life long happiness. I know that will fall into my lap. I'm not concerned.

Oddly enough, not too long after I wrote that, just such a man did fall into my lap, and we were married on June 1st. I've known him for several years but in January we got close. To everyone else in the whole world our marriage probably seems silly and impulsive, but to us it was just completely natural. It was right.

Okay, enough about that. Here's some stuff I've been doing. I've been awful about updating because I've been out of town a lot and also falling into a really icky Summer slump, but I'm getting out of it, and I've got a lot of swaps going on and projects started, so posting should pick up here soon. Maybe. I'll try.

I embroidered this little Jake guy from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. I guess I'm going to do Finn next to accompany him. I think he turned out pretty well.

Knitting scarves. I have too much God damn yarn and need to get rid of it. I might try to learn to actually knit/crochet and make a hat. We'll see. I don't want to get too ambitious. I'm not really coordinated enough for this stuff.

A doodle from one of my summer classes. It's Beyonce riding a dinosaur!

Another in-class doodle. This turned out really well for whatever reason. I feel like I should re-draw it and paint it.

Another doodle, includes me copying some drawings I made my husband do, some super hero ladies, and some random crap including a really sad little Tuxedo Mask.

Husband riding a whale naked. IDEK, it was his request. I played around with some masking fluid to make the little bubbly parts. I think it's pretty cute but probably not something I'm going to try again. I really like messing with the fluid but I don't know how to really use it contextually in my art, if that makes any sense at all. Like, it just doesn't really have a purpose for what I do.

An actual scan of that cat I posted earlier. I still have no idea who these belong to, so I guess I should sell them or something. I don't know. I feel like she's going to turn up and I'm going to feel bad.

That's all. I'm gonna make some banana bread because I left the house for 6 days and right beforehand my stepmom and sister bought bananas, but then, as it turns out me, and my dad are the only people in this house who eat things like bananas and bread and cheese and you know, anything you have to prepare that doesn't come in a single serving package, and my dad is also gone, so now we've got a whole bunch of bananas that are black. I don't understand how they...uhg. Whatever.

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Anonymous said...

When you're with the right person, getting married isn't silly and impulsive, no matter how long you've been together. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Here's to a long life full of happiness for you both :)