Saturday, July 10

When I was about 18/19 I had some self-esteem issues that I combatted by posting pictures of myself on a camwhore website full of internet nerds and stoners. Nothing makes you feel attractive and empowered like Internet validation, right? Most of them are pretty typical "Look at me! I'm an attractive girl!" photos but a few are kind of fun.

This is me and a dog named Joey that we used to babysit. One time we were watching him AND another dog name Sesoko, and I got both of them and Snuggles to all sleep in my bed with me. It was the greatest night of my life.

This is obviously the best of the bunch.

Hungover. I wish I remembered what happened the night before, because clearly it was one for the books.

This is after not showering and drinking for like 2 days. I really liked my hair like that.

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