Saturday, August 14

Ahhh I've been wanting to make this post for like an eon. I did a Pokemon themed swap on and this is the stuff I made! I couldn't post it sooner because I didn't want to spoil my partner's surprise, but she got her package today so I can show youuuu what I made.

I embroidered a Pokeball and attempted to make an iron-on patch situation, I made a little book with a Cyndaquil on it, some various Pokeball key fobs (There's a Pokeball, Great Ball, Premier Ball and Safari Ball) and a DS case that's made in the style of the original Pokedex. (I copied the idea from this one. Clearly theirs is better, but this was the first time I've ever made any sort of bag or case so I think I did a pretty okay job.) I'm really pleased with how everything turned out and I can't wait to get my package.

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