Monday, August 16

Trolling Pervs

From time to time, when I get bored, I like to troll chat rooms on porn sites. It's really childish but it's also really funny. These are some gems from 2008. I'm applesweet or tinypinktaco.

[20:08] []~Spanks~[]~Male: Hey Sexy ;] Hows you? Wanna have some fun?
[20:08] applesweet: yeah i wanna ur butthole
[20:10] []~Spanks~[]~Male: asl?
[20:10] applesweet: 12/f/fwb florida
[20:10] applesweet: oo[ps i meant 21
[20:10] applesweet: lololol
[20:11] []~Spanks~[]~Male: lol okays thats better, 22 male uk here, what you look like baby?
[20:12] applesweet: well i'm 5'10 inches so pretty tall ahaha but the guys like my legs a lot
[20:12] []~Spanks~[]~Male: ooooooooo, long smooth sexy legs are they? :]
[20:12] applesweet: i'm 38-26-38 super tan with long long dark brown hair
[20:12] applesweet: also my eyes are silver
[20:12] applesweet: and i have elf ears
[20:13] applesweet: i like toslay dragons wear chain mail with nothing underneath
[20:13] []~Spanks~[]~Male: elf ears?
[20:13] applesweet: yeah i like to go to jrr tolkien conventions and for the most part i just dress like a elf
[20:14] []~Spanks~[]~Male: lol sounds like fun
[20:17] applesweet: yeah and i weare sexy elf outfits
[20:17] applesweet: with no panties
[20:17] applesweet: with no panties ever

[20:23] flow: m or f
[20:23] applesweet: period stains
[20:24] flow: are you a female
[20:24] applesweet: i'm the physical embodiment of menstruation
[20:25] flow: your in your periods?
[20:27] flow: so i guess your into the tampon removal fetish
[20:28] applesweet: no i am a tampon
[20:28] applesweet: a human tampn
[20:28] flow: lol your so kool
[20:28] applesweet: i know dude wanna hang out
[20:28] applesweet: smoke doobies 2gether
[20:29] applesweet: i'm a little smelly though
[20:29] applesweet: and i can only hang out once a month

[20:39] applesweet: PUSSY
[20:40] applesweet: NO
[20:41] applesweet: WHATS A PHONE
[20:41] applesweet: TELEPHONE
[20:43] applesweet: TACO

[20:43] ]: mm hey baby asl
[20:44] applesweet: 21/taco/florida
[20:44] ]: mmm yum
[20:44] applesweet: u like tacos
[20:44] ]: mmm yes
[20:45] applesweet: what kind of tacos
[20:45] ]: pussy tacos?
[20:45] applesweet: oh i like taco johns tacos

[20:29] wellhung10inches: whats up'
[20:29] applesweet: oh hay
[20:30] wellhung10inches: hi are you horny?
[20:30] applesweet: Yes, a little, but that's why I'm on here.
[20:31] wellhung10inches: me to my 10 incher is so hard and erect
[20:31] applesweet: I'm looking for a man to meet up with in real life, actually.
[20:32] applesweet: I'm a flight attendant so I can fly anywhere in the world for free, so cost isn't an issue.
[20:32] applesweet: I just want to have real sex with someone.
[20:32] applesweet: I want full sex.
[20:32] applesweet: And I want to get pregnant.
[20:32] wellhung10inches: in from philly
[20:32] applesweet: Are you interested in making a baby with me?
[20:33] wellhung10inches: ya do you have pics or yourself
[20:36] applesweet: yah my friend has a pic of me on flickr
[20:36] applesweet:
[20:36] applesweet: It's kind of silly because I was laughing at someone haha!
[20:38] wellhung10inches: i think you look hott
[20:38] applesweet: Oh thank you thats so sweet!
[20:39] applesweet: So are you interested?
[20:39] applesweet: Do you have good genes?
[20:39] wellhung10inches: sure
[20:39] wellhung10inches: ya
[20:39] applesweet: I'm not looking for a husband, just a baby.
[20:39] wellhung10inches: ok i can deal w/ that
[20:39] applesweet: Cool awesome! Do you have a pic?
[20:40] wellhung10inches: only of my dick
[20:40] applesweet: Oh well I'd like to see your face.
[20:40] wellhung10inches: matter fact look me up on myspace
[20:40] applesweet: Sure okay, send me the link
[20:41] wellhung10inches: ok holdon one sec
[20:42] wellhung10inches:
[20:42] applesweet: Oh my goodness I didn't even ask how old you are? I hope you're not like..19 ahah that's a little too young.
[20:42] wellhung10inches: no no im 23
[20:43] applesweet: Oh that link isn't working
[20:43] wellhung10inches: ok go to
[20:44] applesweet: okay there
[20:45] wellhung10inches: i will be the one w/ the pic of a guy in a suit and a girl in a pink dress
[20:46] applesweet: What?
[20:46] applesweet: Who is that girl?
[20:46] applesweet: Are you cheating on me?
[20:46] wellhung10inches: there will be a pic of a guy in a suit which is me with a girl in a pink dress
[20:47] wellhung10inches: did you find me?
[20:47] applesweet: No what should I search for?
[20:47] wellhung10inches: my name is travis XXXXXX
[20:48] wellhung10inches: try searching that
[20:48] applesweet: Okay I'm doing it
[20:48] wellhung10inches: ok
[20:49] wellhung10inches: did you find me
[20:51] wellhung10inches: here you want me to just email the pics i have on there to you?
[20:51] applesweet: Oh no I found it
[20:51] applesweet: Are you Irish?
[20:51] wellhung10inches: ok do you like what you see?
[20:52] applesweet: Yeah you're cute.
[20:52] wellhung10inches: thanks
[20:52] applesweet: When are you free to meet up?
[20:52] wellhung10inches: anytime during the week after like 5 or 6 and anytime during the weekend
[20:53] applesweet: okay awesome well I'm gonna shoot for next week. You sure you have good strong semen so I will get pregnant?
[20:54] wellhung10inches: oh ya and we can try multiple timesin a day if needed which i doubt
[20:54] wellhung10inches: hows this gonna work??
[20:55] applesweet: Okay great well I need to get going, I have a date with my husband in a few minutes, do you have an e-mail or a telephone number I can reach you at?
[20:56] wellhung10inches: email tele XXX XXX XXXX
[20:57] applesweet: Awesome, I'll give you a call in a few days but I have to go my husband is waiting.
[20:57] applesweet: See you!

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