Saturday, August 28

Growing up, my best friend's dad, Mr. Martin, was kind of a huge nerd. You wouldn't peg him for it, he was a very gentle, soft spoken man, called all his daughters and even me "mija", worked hard all day and he would come home and watch movies. He loved horror movies, science fiction, classic black and whites, and rummaging through his tape collection and rental selections slumber party after slumber party definitely rubbed off on me. I feel confident that a lot of my nerdery comes from spending so much time at their house, watching his movies. Here are some childhood memories.

We watched this on a birthday, I think, and it was so scary that I spent a good deal of the movie running upstairs and hiding. At one point my friend ran up with me, and when we finally emerged both of our eyes settled on a Jiminy Cricket figurine in her room. I felt certain I would die that night.

This was in the house for a week. I'm pretty sure we watched it over and over and over for as long as it was available. Donkey Lips is in it!

If I am or ever was afraid of clowns, this is why.

To this day a favorite. A classic. I can still quote this movie I've spent so many years watching it over and over. It was never particularly scary, but I just loved it.

I only saw Creepshow 2 once, at a slumber party, and I remember it having a lot of scarier moments, but best of all there were naked titties and I remember being really into that. I should find and purchase this gem. (For the record, I did see Creepshow 3 when it came out a few years ago and it was fucking awful.)

Best quote: "My name is Beverly, and these are my hills."

When I had toys, I was always afraid of them. Like, I liked my dolls and stuffed animals, but I was also always very careful and respectful of them. And sort of wary of them. I would try to remember where and how I'd placed them to see if they'd moved, I would sort of turn really fast unexpectedly to make sure they weren't up and walking about. I'm still a little creeped out by dolls, and this is exactly why.

I watched this a lot when I was a pre-teen. They owned it on VHS and every time I was there I wanted to watch it. It was lost in a move and I was so sad, and then one day, many years later, it resurfaced, and we also had some pot, and it was like the best day of my young life.

And the cream of my little girl crop, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I don't remember the first time I saw TCM, but I was probably way too young. We called it "Leatherface," because he's the most intriguing part about the movie, everybody always wants to know more about Leatherface. I think the franchise, and it shouldn't have even been a franchise, took a really sad and stupid turn after the original, and the remake wasn't much better, but this was a great movie, and I very much enjoyed watching it as a wee lass and the few times I've seen it as an adult have not disappointed me.

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