Friday, December 31

It's the last day of the year again and the third year in a row where my New Years Eve plans involve hanging out with my parents and little sister, not wearing anything sparkly or fun and going to bed before midnight. I don't really mind, though. We finally got some winter weather (Snowww! So nice in theory, so ick in real life.) yesterday so spending a night out seems like it'd be really cold and wet and unfun. I put on some really bright pink underwear in an attempt to be festive but there is very little celebration happening tonight, though I am excited for a fresh new year.

Farewell 2010

It's strange to think back on 365 days and feel like only 3-5 things actually happened, but that's kind of it, the bottom line. I went to school, I made some things, I got up and out of bed every single day, but only a few things really happened. When I think back on 2010, I can only really remember (Get ready for some very unflattering photos!)...

...falling in love...

...going to San Francisco...

...and getting married.

Honestly, that's plenty. I don't feel like I missed anything and the things I did do were easy and uncomplicated. 2010 was a good year and it's only going to get better in 2011. I get to really start my life with my husband, I'm graduating from college, and after that... There are a lot of question marks dotting 2011 but I'm not too worried. I've buddied up pretty well.

Here are things I listened to and read in 2010.

Poetry, Fiction & Non-Fiction

1. Ariel - Sylvia Plath
2. Rhoda: A Life in Stories - Ellen Gilchrist
3. The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson ♥♥♥
4. The Awakening - Kate Chopin
5. American Indian Stories - Zitkala Sa
6. The Bluest Eye - Toni Morrison
7. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Diaz
8. We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson
9. Beloved - Toni Morrison ♥♥♥
10. Joy in the Morning - Bettie Smith
11. Julie of the Wolves - Jean Craighead George
12. Hell House - Richard Matheson
13. Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
14. The Book of Halloween - Ruth Edna Kelley
15. Leaves of Grass - Walt Whitman
16. Sonnets - William Shakespeare
17. The Tempest - William Shakespeare
18. The Life and Times of Santa Claus - L. Frank Baum
19. The Wreck of the Medusa - Jonathan Miles
20. The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Comics, Graphic Novels

1. Preludes and Nocturnes - Neil Gaiman
2. The Doll's House - Neil Gaiman
3. Dream Country - Neil Gaiman
4. Laika - Nick Abadzis (Possibly the saddest thing I read all year aside from the Toni Morrison.)
5. Twelve Reasons Why I Love Her - Jamie S. Rich
6. Shortcomings - Adrian Tomine
7. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Vol. 1-6 - Bryan Lee O'Malley
8. Waterwise - Joel Orff
9. David Boring - Daniel Clowes
10. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Vol. 1-7 - Naoko Takeuchi

My only resolution last year was to Be Amazing. I think I did pretty well. I think I was Amazing. I wasn't really happy or stable or satisfied with my life for a long time until 2010, and it was really like I finally put myself together properly. I wrote stories, poems, I made art, I made crafts, I looked great, I started wearing jewelry (sorta), I made good grades, I studied. I did a lot of work and Be Amazing was a good mantra through it all. So, this new year I think that's going to be my resolution again. Be More Amazing.
Being Amazing means brushing my hair, flossing my teeth, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water, not procrastinating, making/writing/reading something new every week, staying on top of laundry, going to class, getting a job, studying, staying warm, going to bed before midnight and not letting myself get crabby for no good reason.
But mostly it just means Be More Amazing. No problem.

Happy New Year!

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Georgeanne said...

Leaves of Grass totally changed my life.

You've had a pretty badass 2010, lady! Here's to 2011.