Monday, December 20


I keep getting pretty bummed/skeezed out by things lately so this week I'm going to be as whimsy as humanly possible and watch quirky/French films and drink a lot of caffeinated things and paint and read classic childrens literature because my brain needs to be reset. Here is my obligatory whimsy shot. It's not great because I'm lazy so I'm not going to take 30 pictures until I get one where I actually look pretty or put on makeup when I'm not going anywhere to insure that I look nice, I'm not going to edit it with a weird star background or make the lighting better or shop out any acne/leg hair that is probably in the picture, and I just don't really care. It's a Week of Whimsy, but lazy whimsy.
Besides, it's way whimsy anyway. I'm wearing wool and cashmere, drinking coffee (It was cold though..lost 5 WP (Whimsy Points)!), my hair is braided, I have giant space glasses, there's a book shelf in the photo, some brass mushroom salt shakers, a Totoro, a Buddha a record player, and a bed. It's kind of an overload.

This is another bird I made. This one went to my husband for his Christmas tree that he actually didn't have :/

Okay and here are most/some of my Christmas cards! I'm sorry if I'm spoiling for anyone who hasn't gotten theirs yet but I can't wait anymore!

I had a really hard time coming up with a bunch of decent ideas so I just made 3 of these with different colors. Besides the Christmas tree below, which was made out of cut outs, these were my favorite!

On the back I made a little comic where one tortoise says "I don't even know what Christmas is." And the other one says, "I'm Jewish."

In other news, I have been done with school for 3 days. To celebrate I saw Strange Powers, got a pizza and a beer with a friend, and bought myself a bunch of new clothes, mostly undies and pajamas because I'm really into cute pajamas lately.
I only have 2/6 grades in right now but they are an A and a B so I'm feeling okay. I actually got a C on an essay this semester and it really threw my confidence so I'm a little nervous.

Here is a song I heard for the first time last night that I liked a lot. I don't know what this video is, though, and I'm not about to watch it.

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Fat Aus said...

your cards are so good! i love the tortoises