Sunday, December 12

So here's some stuff I've been up to... know, while I should be studying for final exams and what not.. But who cares about that! A few months ago I bought this weird Christian 1960's book about puberty because I'm 24 and I still do not have a very good idea about how menstruation works except that it means I'm not pregnant. This book taught me nothing, literally nothing, that I didn't already vaguely know. I still have no idea what the fuck is happening to my vagina every month. However, it did have some nice pictures, so I turned them into envelopes! They will be for sale in my Etsy shop soon.

I've had this little canvas for about 2 years now and I was working on a really shitty jellyfish and I just gave up finally and painted this dog over it. It was loosely based on a friend's dog. I still am not totally positive what I'm doing with acrylic paint but I think this turned out okay? I don't know. It doesn't feel totally done just yet but I'm okay with how it looks for now.

Sculpey stopped selling the clay I like! So I have to adapt and use this Sculpey II or III shit and I'm also trying out Fimo or whatever. It's so hard to use! I had to buy a clay softener and this gloss stuff and honestly I really like the gloss and will probably start glossing everything I make but still. Not happy with Sculpey. Am happy with these birds I made! I'm going to make some more but I don't know what other kinds of birds to make. So far I've got this blue guy and the Cardinal and a sparrow but I have green and pink and yellow clay and it feels wrong to make a pink bird when I don't know that they even exist.

I finished reading Walt Whitman's 1855 version of Leaves of Grass today. Few things make me feel really patriotic; American wilderness, Bruce Springsteen, Premium Grain Belt, Tom Hanks and most recently Walt Whitman. Here is a passage I particularly liked, but the whole book is highly highlight-able. (You can click to enlarge. Actually, you can click to enlarge everything on my site. Did you know that? Everything here is capable of growth.)

Mailing off Christmas greetings sometime within the next couple days (I bought stamps and everything!) so I'll be posting all the crap I made for Christmas in a week or so. I really want to post it now but I'd hate to ruin the surprises.

Anyway, I love you!

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