Friday, December 3

This is my 200th post!

It's December so I'm making cards again. I will post them all once I get them in the mail, but they are very different than last year. Primary reason being that I'm too content with my life to even pretend to be snarky, so all cards are adorable and sweet and lovely this year because that's how I feel.

I wanted to show some things I've added to my collection of odd shit. The tiger I bought at a thrift store and I liked it because it looks like a prop from an episode of Goosebumps where a kid inherits a cursed relic from his grandpa or something. The camel was a present from my husband.

I worked on this painting for about a year or so and I finished it pretty recently. I'm so upset that I can't find any of the original photos I took of it. The whale used to be gray and it was a very sketchy, weird looking painting and I didn't like it. I really, really like the way it ended up, though! Like, I actually want to hang this up.

Some more squids! These are too fun to make and of course they are available for purchase.

Some knitted things. I'm working on a purple scarf for myself now and I'll probably be making another go at the blue and white striped scarf for husband. The one shown ended up being a little shorter than he'd need.

More portraits! I'm sorry these aren't better quality or scans but I feel strange about doing that. These are not my pets and because these paintings were sold they're not really mine, either. But I wanted to record them anyway. The two cats belonged to one gal and the chihuahua to another. The chihuahua's name is Dolly.

And this is a picture of me playing Dance Central, which is the funnest thing ever! I'm totally addicted. "Hey Mami" "Galang 2005" and "Poison" are my favorite songs at the moment, but I haven't played all of them yet.

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