Wednesday, December 1


Has it really been 2 months? I'm sorry!

This semester is killing me. This whole year, academically, has been rough, but 18 credit hours in nothing but literature and writing classes wasn't exactly the best idea I've ever had. One more week, then a probably not very fun week of exams, and then I'm on to a very cakey (12 credit hours! I can't even imagine!) final semester as an undergrad.
I am trying to do other things, knit things, mold things, paint things, and the Christmas season is upon us so that means it's time for lots of cranky holiday greetings, so there will be updates again, soon, I just... I just need to get through the next two weeks with as little crying as possible.

Also, just a little aside: Today I spent about 5 hours working on a short story. I just sat in a chair and wrote and polished and I would have kept writing and polishing except the story was due about an hour into my 5 hour explosion and I had to get to my professor's office before she left for the day. The story ended up being about 28 pages, making it the longest piece of fiction, actually, probably the longest piece of anything I've ever written in my life. And it's good. I really don't dislike it.
I just wanted to talk about this because it was such a good feeling. I haven't felt like a /writer/ in years and I can't remember the last time I'd really sat down and spent some time writing anything creative. As I was walking to hand it in I realized I'd been clenching my teeth and sweating and shaking and having one of those really scowly, intense moments where you just let it burst out of you for hours and hours and I hadn't had that in a really long time. It was good. It was a good feeling.

Anyway, I love you! Bye!

P.S. I deleted about 20(?) posts from about a year ago concerning me being sad and what not. 1. Who needs a blog with a bunch of Smiths lyrics in it? 2. That part of my life is officially, completely, utterly over, and leaving that stuff up or even in existence is just baggage that I don't want. Gotta shake shake shake shake shake it off. Okay, it's off.

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