Wednesday, December 29

Winter Break Week 2

I fucking loathe breaks from school. I haven't had anything I really needed to do since the 16th and I'm starting to get really testy and cranky. I guess Christmas happened but whatever. I keep thinking I should go find a job but I'm studying for the GRE (I'm taking it mid-January) and I know if I have to be somewhere making sandwiches every day or serving people steaks I'm not going to come home and re-teach myself how to do geometry. Having nothing to do every single day has actually been really conducive to studying. And other things, too. I've been really good about laundry and cleaning. I'd make a great housewife. Things would always be clean and tidy and meals would be cooked and clothes would be cleaned and folded, but I'd also probably kill my children.

I finished another scarf. I could not capture the color on this right. It's a much brighter, pinker plum color. Now I want to make a bright pink, a pale blue and a black and white marled. Wondering if I should make a dark purple too, though? Probably not. I am running out of storage.

I started making stripey people again. I think these would be great to have like 30 of them as more of an art project rather than a craft project. They are small and only take about a day to sew so it's not totally out of my league to try...

I posted my better notes/doodles from last semester so here are some comics and a story I did Fall 2010. Click to enlarge.

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