Sunday, February 6

In honor of my finding these awesome Arthur Singer prints the other day at a thrift store I thought I'd show you all what an art collector (ha. ha.) I've become in the last year. This is exciting to me because it feels like I've officially not hanging posters and shit I've ripped out of magazines on my walls with thumb tacks. Now I'm legit. I'm an adult. My art is in frames. I'm also kind of proud of the fact that I'm becoming my mother, who had a large collection of photographs of circus freaks from the 1930s she displayed in her home. I don't have any human oddities of my own yet, but maybe someday.

My husband painted this picture of us and it was too cute not to frame. Aside from this, there's really only one other frame-worthy picture of us. Most pictures of us end up like this. Hopefully we'll learn the art of a good photograph someday. I'd really like to have lots of cute pictures of us together.

The devil was a postcard I framed and the lithograph of monitor lizards stealing eggs from a nest is vintage or something, I don't really know but it was like $20. I bought them both in San Francisco last summer at Loved to Death. I really like this sort of National Geographic type of painting, like the Arthur Singer prints. My plan is to buy a really large Ernst Haeckel print next. I also like maps. My home decoration inspiration is Victorian naturalists.

In a fit of indignant rage I took this from a boyfriend in a divorce. Mainly because I got an amazing deal on the frame but also because I'm catty and mean. I actually don't love this print and should just give it back to him. The frame is gorgeous and mine, though. $60 but I got it for $18 because I'm smart and amazing.

I found this at a thrift store (Colorado thrift stores are amazing!!) and loved it immediately. It's got a little sun damage unfortunately. I would have loved to have found other portraits like this but this was the only one and it isn't signed. The writing on the bottom only reveals that she is a Kikuyu woman.

I went to the Denver Tattoo Convention in 2009 and bought this print from some Dutch guy, I think. I had about $30 left to my name and bought it for $25, I just loved it too much. Sirens are the best part of the Odyssey and I've always had a mermaid/siren thing. The guy's website is defunct now but here is some more of his work.

Another thrift store find. I feel like these were purchased on a weird whim because they were like a quarter and that I should sell them because they're sort of creepy and don't fit my aesthetic at all. They're done by this guy if you're interested.

I buy a lot of frames from thrift stores and found this family photo in one. What I really needed was the frame but the photo is so neat that I thought I'd keep it in there and just display it.

When I was in high school my art teacher brought a big suitcase full of photographs and postcards to school. She said she had found it at a thrift store and noticed that it all looked like it belonged to one family and she wanted to send them the photos. She never got around to it so she thought she'd just give them to a student. I immediately volunteered to take the whole bag which I also never got around to doing anything with. A few years later I found out a professor of mine collected old photos and postcards so I gave him the bag, but first I sorted through it and took a few pictures and things I liked. This is a postcard of a horse.

Speaking of not getting around to things, I have this stack of frames that need painted and these canvases to frame. I usually do black spray paint but I'm toying with (and very afraid of) the idea of doing color. I was thinking maybe a mustard yellow or a robin's egg blue or something. I'm framing these photos and things below and don't think black would be right for pictures of me and my family but I'm not sure what would be right. Walt Whitman will look fine in black, though. I think the canvases would look nice in white gilded frames but I don't really know anything about framing canvases. Also, is it tacky to hang your own art? I feel like it might be.

(Click to enlarge and see what cuties my parents were as teenagers and
what a precious and adorable child I was.)

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I don't think I can even begin to describe my love for this post...and the picture your hubby painted :)