Friday, February 25

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It's just about March and I'm getting real itchy for warm weather and sunshine and my usual 3 months of "So I'm Smoking Again. Whatever." Spring time also means spring fashion and Fashion Week and that time of year when I decide I need 100 new articles of clothing because I'm revamping my Image. I do this every single year and by June I'm always just too sweaty and drunk to care, but it's still fun and I'm probably going to do this forever.
So here it is, my Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook/Wishlist/Inspiration Wall.

It's cold today and I'm super unproductive so this was fun to do since it was so time consuming yet required such a small amount movement/thought. That's right. I made these images. And I have no idea the sources for anything in them. Sorry. I'm not a very good fashion blogger.

So basically my intended look this year is:
Totally Boring Super Casual But Not Sloppy Or Boyish Casual
I actually am trying to reign in the amount of money I spend on clothes every year so I need to work with what I've got, which is a lot of Totally Boring and Super Casual stuff.

I need a few new basic tees, particularly cute baseball tees. I'm also going to resize some of the sweaters and tees I've bought in the last year. Lately I spend so much time in over-sized everything and I'm just over it. I like my body, I have a great rack-to-waist ratio, I need to stop dressing like a flying squirrel. I'm also going to stencil a lightning bolt on a pink tee. I love that.

I also need fabric to make little fluttery skirts. I've known how to sew since I was in elementary school and have owned a sewing machine for almost a decade but the only thing I've ever actually made was a Sailor Moon costume. I keep thinking I should just be lazy and buy things, but skirts in stores are always made for shorter girls and I'm 5'7'' and 75% legs so short skirts tend to look especially short on me. To save some money and get the right fit I'm just going to make 2-3 cute flouncy floral skirts and a red plaid skirt.

I think most of my budget will end up going to bright shoes. I had a pair of bright fuchsia grosgrain flats last year and I loved them! I loved them so much I destroyed them. I'm really not colorful or exciting-looking at all, but I can definitely get down with that Pop-Of-Color mentality and my favorite way to do it is with shoes. I'd love a bright cerulean pair and, to stay on trend, I guess, an orange pair. And for dresses and prettier outfits I want these in red and black.

I'm also due for a new stash of $5 sunglasses (Thank God for Forever21. I go through sunglasses so fast. I'm terrible.) and I want a new bikini. I'm thinking I'd like spotted one but I haven't seen anything I love yet. Maybe I'll grow some ovaries and finally buy an American flag bikini like I've ALWAYS WANTED (since 2006). And finally to top everything off I bought a really pretty mustard colored cross-body purse a couple weeks ago. I love it so much but I carry a backpack most days and I take issue with people who carry a purse AND a backpack, so I can't carry it regularly for another 3 months when I don't need to lug around a stack of novels everyday.

Uff. This really makes me want to spend money. Instead, I'm going to make this chicken stew from one of my favorite ladies' blog. Yumm I can't wait!

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