Thursday, February 24

Puppy, Books, Puppy

I know it's only been a month since Snuggles passed but our house was just so weird without a dog. I complained about it every day and a couple weeks ago my stepmom bought this little dog from some guy on the side of the road. It's not my dog but she's pretty neat when she's not being a puppy terror. Her name is Hiccup.

I finished reading Maurice by E.M. Forster last week and The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury a couple of weeks before that. Maurice was so beautiful. I don't read a lot of books that are heavy on love or romance generally and this was assigned for a class and I read it on a whim. So glad I did. I'm doing an essay on it in the next couple weeks about a crumbling estate that's featured in the book being representative of a particular character's crumbling psyche and inability to be honest with himself or something like that but it's complicated and I'm not quite there with the thesis yet. I'll post it when I finish it. I'm really excited to write it.

The Martian Chronicles was amazing. I don't even have anything pseudo-intellectual or interesting to say about it. It was just a really fun, exciting, amazing book and it's definitely one of my favorite things that I've ever read. It took me a lot of time to really get into it (honestly, more than a year) because right away in the first chapter you're forced to grasp this abstract idea of the Martians and their society but once I got through that I was hooked. And even now I think back on those chapters that were a little difficult to get into and all I can think about them is that they were brilliant.
I posted one of the shorter vignettes from the book last Spring which you can and should read here.

Right now I'm reading Burmese Days by George Orwell, also for class. I'm actually really sad that I'll be missing the week of class when we're discussing the book and I'm considering setting up an appointment with my professor just to gab about it but that seems so uncool and I'm afraid even she'd be like "Girl, you need to calm down."
The book is about the end of British imperialism and is a critique of the colonies and how shitty the British are. There isn't a single likable character in the book except for a dog named Flo who is only mentioned once every 35 pages. And it's so curious that there are so many little things within the book's narration that seem to point to Orwell being just as bad and racist and awful as his characters are. I can't read anything about it until I finish it for fear of spoiling the ending but I'm really eager to get some background information.

In other incredibly boring nerd news, I finished a queer theory essay about The Merchant of Venice yesterday that I was really proud of but I don't have a copy of it to post. I did finally get a bunch of my work from last semester home, though, so in the post before this one I published a writing exercise I did. I kind of want to explain it but I trust your intelligence and if it goes over your head then that's my fault, not yours. Anyway, you can read it or you can just look at this picture of Hiccup.

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