Friday, March 4

Orographic Precipitation, Thrift Haul, Glasses

I went to bed last night feeling a little sour and woke up feeling even worse. The weather this morning was not helping. We get a really wacky spring time here due to the mountains and it snows a lot. It's not very cold and the snow never sticks around for more than a day, but it's pretty crummy anyway. I refused to be bummed out, though, and decided to get out of the house for a little while. I went to some second-hand shops around town and did pretty well. Only spent $35, too.

Neat South American blanket. It's so much brighter than in the picture. I need to clean it but I'm kind of nervous about it. So much fringe!

Fuzzy leopard print crop top! I didn't even try this on, I just bought it. I keep doing this thing lately where I buy clothes that I find humorous or that I think might help me win a contest or might come in handy at a theme party. Probably not the wisest way to spend money but it's a $3 shirt and it makes me laugh.

Little floral sundresses. The blue one is a bit tight in the bust but was otherwise too cute for me to not buy. I'm convinced that I will come up with some ingenious way to let it out or allow for my tits to fit. Any ideas? Right now I think my best bet is to just deflate my boobs by losing a few pounds.

Some cute derbies to wear with dresses and jeans. I've been watching 3rd Rock and I really like the way Sally dresses. A lot of menswear and socks with oxfords. I'm a little ashamed to say this shoe purchase was directly influenced by a 90's sitcom about aliens.

So cool! I saw this and jumped on it and later the checkout lady was telling me how some girl wanted to buy it but was waiting and I felt a little guilty but YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE. This is the ARC, bitch. I was especially happy about this purchase because today Kiah signed the lease to our first house! I have an actual house to put things in now! So exciting.

Here's some stuff I've been eating lately. Red pepper stuffed with couscous was pretty good, but couscous without feta cheese is just sad. It had some mozzarella but it's not the same. Also could have used more olives.

Leftover fried chicken with red sauce and sauteed peppers and one of my favorite things to eat with pasta, but sans pasta: sauteed broccoli and cherry tomatoes with Italian seasonings and mozzarella. I have a ton of broccoli to eat and I think I might be having this again unless I can find some cool broccoli casserole or something.

I also finally got some new glasses! God bless Zenni Optical! I got both pairs purchased and shipped for $35. I think the red pair might be too big for my face and my husband thinks they're "too red" (???) but whatever, I'm just psyched to have glasses that aren't held together with tape and/or gigantic.

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