Saturday, March 12

What I'm Listening To Lately

It's March now and I'm already complaining about the lack of good new music in 2011. A lot of anticipated stuff has been released but a lot of it also has not been up my alley. For the most part I've just been listening to Beyonce and The Gaslight Anthem lately. Nothing is really doing it for me, but here is some new or newish or new-to-me stuff that I have been enjoying.

Can someone please take a ton of Patrick Wolf songs and turn them into a musical, like how Catherine Johnson did for Abba and Mamma Mia!?

I loved Lykke Li's first album Youth Novel but this new one is taking a while to grow on me. So far the only tracks I'm loving are this one and a really bawwww emo track called "Sadness is a Blessing" where she sings "Sadness is my boyfriend." The lyrics are clearly silly, but it sounds good.

Love both these tracks and the whole album, In Ghost Colours, is great, but it hasn't really grown on me yet. I think I have to wait for summer. This kind of music is definitely easier to love in warm weather.

Yelle continues to grow on me. I've been playing "Ce Jeu" for a while and just last night I gave "Tu Es Beau" a good listen and loved it. "Que Veux-Tu" is the first single off their new album.

I think I won't really get into Adele until October when it's cold again, but for now this song has been playing a lot. I love The Cure, and I love a good Cure cover.

Pitchfork has been creaming its jeans for Kurt Vile for the last 3 months. I resisted because the guy's name is a little... Well it makes me think of Ewan McGregor's character in Velvet Goldmine, Curt Wild, and I could only imagine that someone named Kurt Vile was only interested in bringing back 80's hair metal. Turns out I am so wrong. He reminds me of The War On Drugs but not at all desperate to be Bob Dylan.

If you don't listen to anything I've posted here today, listen to this at least. It makes my heart grow.


That Much Further West. said...

The Gaslight Anthem has become one of my favorite bands. I really love driving around and listening to them. I bought their album "American Slang" a few weeks ago and now plan on buying their 2 other ones and their Senor and the Queen EP.

Also, all about Adele!

the disaster life said...

i would totally watch that musical