Friday, April 8

Haul & Skirts

Like I said, I made a few skirts last weekend and then wore them all this week because I was so excited with my fake sewing skills. Here they are in action. I apologize for looking like I do, I'm horribly unphotogenic and it's been really windy here. I also got to include some "detail" shots because I'm an idiot and I forgot to turn on the timer and got a dumb picture of me leaning over the camera every time. I just don't know how fashion bloggers do this every day.

I stenciled the lightning bolt onto my pink tee last night! It needs another coat of acrylic but I think it turned out pretty good.

It was a really warm, albeit tornado-y day, so I took a drive and ended up at some second hand shops. Things I'm going to miss about Colorado: Amazing second hand shopping! I've never lived or thrifted in a place with so many awesome scores. I don't know what it is even, but I just get lucky so much.
Some stuff I didn't take a picture of because they were boring: A brand new 100% wool grey GAP cardigan, an organic cotton tank top, a pair of light pink ballet flats.

Painting of a cat. He's hunting a spider! Just one of the reasons I'm excited to move in with cats in June.

Books! The X-Files one is going to be a birthday present for a friend. I can post that here because she doesn't read this.

Tea cup with tea pots on it! I always look at mugs because I collect unicorn cups. No unicorns, but this was too cute to pass up.

A calendar that's older than me. I don't even know, guys.

Couple of pretty floral dresses. I wish it wasn't always so windy!

100% silk teal pants. They're super soft and comfy and loose and I figured they'd be awesome for summer time around the house. To be fair, though, I'm probably going to end up drunk and wearing these in public at least once and everyone's going to be like "Girl. No."

Last but not least, I bought a skort. Hate all you want, you have no idea how windy it is here! I also really have spent a lot of money on florals lately. I need to be into them for a really long time to make this worth it.

Off to dinner!

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