Tuesday, April 5

Portable Property

I always love when people do What's In My Bag? blog posts. I don't know why it's so interesting to look at all the bullshit that other people tote around on a regular basis, but it is, and I'm not the only person that thinks so. Google it. People everywhere are fascinated by the crap in other people's bags. There are blogs, thousands of YouTube videos, and a Flickr pool dedicated to the practice of showing off your portable property. Today I'd like to share mine.

These are the two bags I alternate between lately. My yellow purse is from TJMaxx but it's made by Tignanello or some balogna (Haha! Italy.) I liked it because it's yellow. My backpack is from YesStyle.com and is mostly crap but at least it looks cool.

I don't carry a purse and a backpack to school (What's the point? Besides making you look stupid.) and since today was a school day, this was what was inside. Lotta garbage. And yes, I put it all back into the bag after this photo was taken. Moving clockwise...
-Some coupons from Target for makeup and tampons.
-A glittery butterfly hair clip.
-A pen.
-A dirty tissue from Sephora with lipgloss on it.
-tokidoki at Sephora Gelato lip balm/stain in Pink Martini.
-A lighter.
-Hair tie.
-Empty Sugar-Free Bubble Yum wrappers.
-A number for the cut table at the fabric store.

My school bag has a lot less garbage. Again, moving clockwise and working in...
-Binder with a name tag and a cute painting of a vampire horse Kiah gave me.
-My Neighbor Totoro lunchbox.
-Hello Kitty Thermos.
-Planner. It looks boring outside but has cats on the inside!
-Various highlighters and pens.
-Used tissue.
-Wild Berry Skittles Bonne Bell lip balm.
-A quarter.
-A hair tie.
-Pencil bag.
-Strawberry Rosebud Salve.
-A book I'm reading for class.
-A book someone gave me for free today that probably sucks.

Inside the pencil bag...
-A Sharpie.
-A big fat Hello Kitty lip balm.
-Like, one Listerine Pocketpak Breath Strip I've probably had for a decade.
-A finger puppet I won at an Arcade around 2006.
-Some Tylenol. Bottle may also contain other kinds of pills. Not sure.
-A penny.
-A tea bag.
-A little knife.
-A wet nap whose origins are unknown to me. May have had it since 2005 at the earliest.
-C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint #1137.
-The bottle cap from a Sioux City Sarsparilla I drank in Oregon.
-Some treasure. A lady at a cafe saw that I had a crayon tin and said she also carried a one for her daughter, but hers was filled with treasure and not crayons. She gave me the jewel to keep in my tin, but I moved it to my pencil bag.
-A 9-sided dice.
-A green leopard print barrette.
-Two Hello Kitty charms that were once attached to the lip balm.
-Post It page markers.

Some of the more interesting things I keep in my wallet.
-Student ID. The photo is atrocious, like most photos of me. You can click to enlarge. In my own defense, however, it was really windy that day.
-Spare key to my car.
-An exercise we did in poetry class involved reading a weird news blurb and writing a poem about it. This wasn't my blurb but I loved it so much that I asked to keep it. It says: "CNN, reporting from the London Zoo in August, described the excitement surrounding new that the zoo would soon acquire a 12-year-old male gorilla from a preserve in France. Zoo officials were pleased, but its three older female gorillas were almost ecstatic. Shown posters of "Yeboah," the male, female "Zaire" "shrieked in delight"; "Effie" wedges the poster into a tree and stared at it; and "Mjukuu" held the photo close to her chest, "then ate it." [CNN, 8-28-09]
-A penny.
-A quarter.
-A smashed penny that says "Lucky Penny" that Kiah and I made very late one night on a road trip. I think we were in Illinois.
-A note Kiah wrote to remember a dream he had. It says: "Dream about wife farting first thing in the morning like a sounding call to tell the world a girl just woke up."

Other things commonly seen in my bag, but not pictured here:
-Bottle caps from beers. I don't know why but sometimes when I'm drunk I put them in my purse instead of throwing them away.
-At least like, 5 more lip glosses/sticks/balms in various shades and flavors.
-A tattered pack of Camel Lights.
-More garbage.
-A notebook or pad of some kind.
-Plastic utensils.
-Phone numbers from people I've met in bars that I really don't actually want to talk to, but I asked for their numbers anyway so I could escape without hurting their feelings and get back on the dance floor.
-Bobby pins.
-Candy. Ginger chews or hard candies I get from my Korean grandma.

Things other people carry in their bags that I don't get:
-Perfume. 1-3 sprays is enough for all day, why on Earth do you think you'll need more?
-Nail polish. Why?
-Pads/Tampons. Come on. Live dangerously.
-Mascara. I really don't get this. Doesn't it get clumpy after the initial application has dried?
-More than one camera. Fuck off.
-Extra shoes. If the shoes you put on when you left the house aren't going to get you back to the house, you shouldn't have put them on in the first place.

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