Friday, April 8

Pretty Soldiers

(Sailor Moon image found thanks to the amazing ladies and dudes at SailorMoonFans on LiveJournal.)

Two things I loved when I was a preteen and never really grew out of are Sailor Moon and the Spice Girls. I can still tell you almost anything about any senshi (Yeah, I even say "senshi" instead of "scout." My SM knowledge is even pretentious.) and draw all of them straight from memory, I still know the words to almost every Spice Girls song.
Last night "Naked" came up on a playlist with the bottom image. That picture always reminds me of Sailor Moon group shots, but particularly the one of them above with the skyline in the background. There's just something uncanny in the picture of the Spice Girls, the way they're arranged, how they're all facing different directions, the way they're only being shown from the shoulders up, that makes it seem like Naoko Takeuchi arranged the picture.
Anyway, I just wanted to share this bout of fangirl crazy I had last night at 1:30 a.m. but, in case you didn't know yet, Kondasha is re-releasing the Sailor Moon manga in the United States later this year AND! they're finally printing Codename: Sailor V in English! It's actually part of a worldwide initiative to reboot the series. This is awesome because it means new merchandise, a chance for people who missed out on collecting the series in its original run (ME) to do so without paying $650 for it, and the best part, there's potential for new Sailor Moon! Naoko Takeuchi hasn't been writing manga for a few years; the chance to return to her most beloved characters has got to tickle her a little. They've been doing a live-action expanded universe thing for years with musicals and a TV show, but these are magical girls, they deserve to be drawn and animated. I'm not holding my breath, the ability to collect the books without paying a crazy price is enough, but wouldn't it be AMAZING?!

I'm going to go run around a little today. I'm not in the mood to sit in the house. If you are in the mood to sit in the house (No shame in that!) here are some more amazing Sailor Moon scans from Naoko Takeuchi's artbooks. If you haven't seen these, do! They're absolutely gorgeous. Oh God, if these get reprinted I will weep.

P.S. Because I know you're thinking about it...

Sailor Moon = Baby Spice
Sailor Mercury = Nobody! There is no room for shrinking violets in the Spice Girls!
Sailor Mars = Posh Spice
Sailor Jupiter = Sporty/Scary Spice
Sailor Venus = Ginger/Scary Spice


Tanie said...

I LOVE SAILOR MOON SFM. Last year for my birthday my hb got me the anime series, and as soon as she could read fast enough to follow the subtitles my daughter started watching them too- she's seen the whole thing MULTIPLE times and loves Sailor Moon now too.

Rhiannon Admidas said...

I saw this and immediately thought of you and your daughter:

Anonymous said...

that´s so true with these pics!! i thought the same when I´ve seen them. (My boyfriend said that´s just a silly accident or with no affinity actually... -.-) I also love both, Sailor Moon and The Spice Girls!! :) Best wishes, ChiefBunney