Friday, May 27

From On the Road

I haven't been on the Internet much, even just to check my Google Reader account (300+ unread posts!), but I'm mostly settled in my new home in North Dakota and I've finally got time to start updating regularly again.
During the drive up I kept a list of things I thought would be worth talking about here as a return entry, but I realize now that a lot of it was me just being delirious from the 20 hour drive. Still, I'm going to share my delirium with you anyway.

-I never realized the great philosophical implications in the lyrics of "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats until now. This song could change someone's life. Also, Boneitis.

-Oscar Wilde was reincarnated and formed Q Lazzarus.

-Being married to me must be exactly like being married to a Basenji. (This episode of This American Life starts off with a great story about a Basenji. Also relevant to being married to me.)

-The drive between Colorado and North Dakota features a lot of livestock, and from time to time I even saw trucks hauling animals (turkeys and pigs mostly). The morning we left I sort of blurted out that I was going back to being a vegetarian. It was something I always planned on returning to (I was a vegetarian for 5 years in high school and on and off afterward) after I moved out, but I really like cheeseburgers, so actually saying it out loud was kind of a bummer; it made me realize I didn't really want to go back to living a meatless lifestyle.
Seeing all of those animals, however, reaffirmed to me that it was the right thing for me to do. I've always erred on the side of vegetarianism for ethical reasons, and short of me giving a lecture, seeing all those animals just broke my heart. So I'm out.

Speaking of animals, this has been the most exciting part about my move: New roommates!



I haven't had a cat since I was about five, and he was really mean, so it's really exciting to me to have two cats who are really nice! They're both so snuggly and sweet and they make funny noises! I want to buy them suits and help them get loans!


Lynsey said...

Yay for living with your husband and cats!I'm thrilled for you to be together.

Ruby Girl said...

cute cats! i want a pet. looks like you have a nice pensive trip! :) enjoy your new surroundings! <3