Sunday, May 1


It's been a very busy week, and this month is going to stay busy, so probably not a lot of updates until June.
My last week of regular classes as an undergraduate student is this week and this weekend I'm going out of town, then next week is exams and my husband and lots of friends are coming to town to help me celebrate graduating. After that, I'm moving back up to North Dakota.
I'd like to get a job pretty quickly but thinking about everything I've got going on now and the huge list of things I've been meaning to do and read and make, I think I might just take June off and work on the house and my stack of books.
I spent the weekend with some out of town friends up in Denver and had a lot of fun discovering more fun things to do in the city. We went to a Rockies game at beautiful Coors Field and even though it was really cold, I remembered how fun it is going to baseball games. I told my husband we'd be making the pilgrimage to Minneapolis in the summer for some Twins day games. There's nothing like sitting in the sunshine, sipping a beer and booing the other team.
We also went to one of my favorite Denver second hand shops and I picked up a few things. I also bought/received some neat things earlier this week.

Since I'm an adult now (?) I've been taking baby steps toward building up a professional wardrobe. These two blouses are about half of it. The green one is linen with a bird print. So pretty.

I like to get one new bathing suit every year, and I found these two and totally lucked out, especially with the bikini. I've been wanting an underwire bikini top like the J. Crew ones, but spending $80+ on a bikini is something I could never justify, especially when I tend to lose/wreck them. The cheetah spot one may end up a Halloween costume.

Cotton camisole. The buttons sold me, even though it's a bit small.

Fuschia shorts! I've been seeing this color everywhere and I'm so happy to have something in it. I love them with navy and gray tops.

Also got some cute belts for dresses (the hearts and studs is Betsey Johnson and the owl is Kenzie) and my husband bought me a Team Rocket t-shirt that I've been dying to wear with one of the skirts I made, but it's been too cold.

In other news, the English Royal Wedding happened and it was lovely and I think it's really sad that so many people were sour about it. Kate Middleton brought back sleeves, okay? Why doesn't that mean anything to you?
To be fair, though, if a huge portion of my taxes went to something as frivolous as a for-show-only monarchy, yeah, I would be a little sour about that, but I love weddings (even though mine was obscenely small!) and I love love and I think people expressing love is beautiful. I wish everyone could be married and I wish marriage wasn't so taboo or a representation of failure/the end of childhood and fun to our generation because it doesn't have to be. I also love free food and dressing up, so I'm super excited to be going to my brother-in-law's matrimonial ceremony this weekend. Here's hoping Kiah and I manage to take a decent photo together.

I've got a painting to paint, a paper to pape, and some laundry to laund, so I'm off! Happy Sunday.

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