Thursday, June 2

What I'm Listening To Lately

I'm way late on the Nicki Minaj train, but I've been playing the ever-loving crap out of this song and "Did It On 'Em" which, if you're at work or near small children, I don't suggest you listen to it right away. It's my new "Bossy."

I saw Yelle in Denver a week or two before I left Colorado and they were AMAZING! Easily the best concert I've ever been to. The energy was amazing, the band was fun and friendly, and I've never danced so hard in my life. Safari Disco Club has been on heavy rotation ever since. I also love "C'est Pas Une Vie" and "S'éteint Le Soleil."

I wasn't super psyched on "Run the World" and she's got some other single just out that's okay, but THIS IS AMAZING. Not to mention this incredible gem of a song and music video and national initiative starring Beyoncé and Michelle Obama to encourage kids to exercise:

Oh hay, it's just me, Beyoncé, wearing bright green knee socks and doing a really fun dance. I love her so much. She is my goddess. Bless you, Beyoncé. (Also, I've been saying it for a few weeks now but it bears repeating: "WAVE THE AMERICAN FLAG" is the dance move of the summer. AMERICA NEEDS MORE CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE.)

I'm not big on Bon Iver in the summer but their new album is excellent, if a bit short. This is the first single but I also really love "Towers," "Holocene" and "Beth/Rest."

I'm so happy this album came out right as I moved back to North Dakota. Fleet Foxes just embodies this place so well, and this song is perfect for a sunny day in the Red River valley.

Finally, it's summer, which means lots and lots and lots and never enough Led Zeppelin. They will never stop taking my breath away. I mean, really, honestly, the reason I don't not believe in God is because of Led Zeppelin. I don't even care what you think about that, it's true. Watch all 11 minutes of this and achieve enlightenment.


emily said...

I love Yelle so much! But somehow don't have her newest album. Going to get it now.

Jason WHY said...

Half gay bar, half independent bookstore soundtrack. All Rhiannon.

Rhiannon Admidas said...

My musical taste has never been summed up so adequately. Using that from now on. Thanks :)

bronny said...

i'm super late on the nicki minaj train too but i'm loving her right now!