Thursday, June 16

What I've Been Up To Lately

I've been cooking a lot of really awesome stuff lately! Yesterday I had three solid, home-cooked meals, including this really yummy two egg open omelet. I also made an amazing potato salad the other day, and I've been getting jazzy with sandwiches again, too. This morning I just had a quick bowl of cereal, bleh, so I'll do it up for lunch and dinner.

A few years ago I bought a weird 1970s book club edition of The Fellowship of the Ring that came with this map of Middle-earth. Okay, honestly, the only reason I even bought the book was because of the map. It's printed in red and black ink and maps of Middle-earth are very useful. I don't know how many times I day I wish I had a map on hand to look at for one reason or another. Anyway, I finally got around to matting and framing it yesterday and, despite numerous mishaps and getting paint all over the floor, I think it looks awesome.

I wanted the matting to be red so instead of buying solid red paper, I did a couple coats of watercolor. It looks so cool! You can kind of see it in the photos, but there are some flaws and variations in the color. I'm going to tell people it's matted in paper stained with orc blood :B

I hung it in our dining room (Duh, where else would you hang a map of Middle-earth?), which I want to start calling The War Room, plus a couple of other pieces. I've got some family photos to hang and then I need to make curtains and the room will be complete! Speaking of curtains...

Cats think they are beds and will sleep on them even if there are curtains rods currently in them or if they are presently being sewn. Despite interference from kitties I got them both sewn, finally! Only ~5 more to go!

So happy to finally have curtains in our bedroom and to say that it is actually a finished room that we can live in comfortably and without thinking, "Wow, I hope nobody can see that I'm only wearing underwear." It's a really simple, bare room with only the 4 pieces of furniture (bed, lamp, two small tables) but I read once that people with clutter, televisions, computers, etc. in their bedrooms are more likely to have trouble sleeping. By keeping your bedroom minimal, you teach your brain that only certain activities (sleeping, resting, sex) happen in that space, so when you come into that room, you're switched on to be ready for those activities. The same principle applies to work spaces. I think it's been really beneficial, but I've been coming in here with my computer lately :L Oops.

And here's two pictures of my cats doing neat cat things. A few weeks ago Kiah went through my camera, which is 90% pictures of the cats now, and said, "So you're gonna have that kind of a blog now?" I got offended and said no, but I can't even help it. They're so soft and they do funny things like sleep in pants and build forts in the closet! Who doesn't want to see that?!

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