Thursday, June 23

What I've Been Up To Lately

Everything! I am doing almost all of the things!

I've been meaning to make some bunting for a while now and finally got around to it this week. These seem pretty popular with everyone lately, but I'm chalking my inspiration up to Tanie, who is the OG of bunting as far as I'm concerned. I like the way they turned out and hung them both in the dining room above doorways (you can see our cavernous brown tomb of a kitchen in the first photo. HATE IT!) but next time I will not be using grosgrain ribbon to string the flags together.

Finally getting around to hanging up photos. I suck so bad at this and I feel so sorry for my husband who is a carpenter and will one day take down each and every one of the frames in our house, look at the holes I made, and weep. Additionally, I refuse to hang things with a measuring tape and level. What am I? A scientist? No. I'm an artist and I hang things with my gut. My gut.
Once I find frames, this wall will also house a photo of my grandmother, two baby pictures of my husband's BFF/homosocial lifemate and a painting he did of the two of us. And then whatever else comes our way. Maybe more photos of other peoples' families I find in thrift stores. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

A couple weeks ago an incident at a bar occurred involving way too many cocktails and a fart and I broke my shoe. These are my favorites right now and we all do crazy things for the ones we love, so I Frankensteined them back together with some embroidery floss. I actually think they'll be sturdier now.

These used to be dresses that didn't fit and/or weren't exactly my style. I tried to make them work a couple different ways but in the end they were turned into skirts and I may never take either of them off again. Flowy cotton every day!

Kiah and I had this really great idea to draw pictures for each other, then paint the other person's drawing. Like a neat art swap. We finally tried it over the last weekend but ended up liking our own drawings better because we're both totally narcissistic jerks. I'm really excited about this one, though! I finally have a really good purpose for masking fluid: suckers on tentacles.

Tonight we're going to the fair and I could not be more pumped. I am going to ride so many things.

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Tanie said...

Your buntings look good!